Haweswater Blonde 3.6% Golden Ale

The newest addition to our family and rapidly becoming our best-seller.

Haweswater Blonde is a light, Golden, refreshing 3.6% ABV Golden Ale.  Named after the Lake District lake that supplies the water for our beers, Haweswater Blonde is easy drinking any time.

We use three different types of hops in the brew, two British ones in the boil and then we dry-hop with a new American hop to give a finish which is slightly citrus and a slightly floral aroma.


  1. Hi

    Is it possible to buy kegs of your beer? I am organising a stag do in the Appleby area in mid-July and would love to have a 50L keg of your Haweswater Blonde if possible. I;d be grateful if you could let me know if this is feasible and, if so, details on price and practicalities of pick up/return of the keg and associated equipment.


    1. Hi Alex

      Thanks for getting in touch. We can sell you a 9 gallon Firkin (72 pints) and lend you a tap and hand pull pump if you wish. I will email you with details.

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